Amiga Exile Images: Screenshots and covers

This page includes various screenshots and photographs taken from the gameplay or the packaging of the Amiga release. These have been sent to me or collected from various websites.

Versions of the Pericles

The ECS version of the Perseus

The AGA version of the Perseus

A shot of the Pericles on the ECS version.

Approaching the Pericles on the CD32 version. Notice the slightly scaled up graphics compared to the AGA. Also, the infernal canary!
The help text is presumably from the German version (mechanised lemming?!)

The packaging

TitlePage1AGA Titlepage1ECS
The AGA title screenThe ECS title screen: similar to the Commodore 64 version if I remember the demo. correctly
The ECS box front: more suggestive of the storyline and what awaitsThe AGA box front: more atmospheric
The ECS box back: mentions 'over 600 screens'. This makes my estimate over 31x26 screens probably inaccurate but still gives a good idea of the vastness of the game. This figure also tallies well with the probably more accurate estimate of around 500 'screens' for the original BBC Micro version!The AGA box back: note the massively improved but — some would say — less enjoyable graphics.

Screenshots from the ECS and AGA versions

Any further CD32 screenshots can be found on the CD32 page.
Imps on the ECS version.The equivalent position on the AGA version. I'm not sure if there is a comparable region on the BBC Micro version.
Water fun in the ECS version — the frogmen or frogs? More involving water activities in the AGA version. The life-raft must be from the Pericles or the previous expedition.

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