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At present I have seen only the map for the ECS version constructed by ConradTM. The full version is on the Hall of Light Amiga games database entry for ECS Exile and a thumbnail version can be seen here. Here are the details in ConradTM's words:

The map is 8160 x 6720 pixels in size, built out of tiles of 32 x 32 pixels (255 x 210 tiles). Pixel perfect! No doors/objects/enemies. Took a long time to make, hundreds of screenshots. Open in Windows picture/fax viewer, zoom 10x for a nice result (color blending) Theoretically it wouldn't be that hard to recreate the game for PC using that map. If you open it in photoshop, use the marquee function, and select the black pixels, and make them transparant, you could use the result map as a layer for a conversion.

This detail makes some interesting comparisons with the BBC map possible. Assuming a screensize of 320x256 on the Amiga (at a guess!) then that makes the map 31x26 times the size of the screen (allowing also for the fact that ConradTM says he has left out part of the top of the map. The BBC map constructed using the mapper program is 7110x5805 pixels in the !Paint viewer which appears to scale 2x in the x-axis to simulate the rectangular pixels of the BBC. Thus the BBC screen on the enhanced version being 320x128 pixels makes the map approximately 22x22 the size of the screen.

Apparently the screenshot map lacks objects, doors and enemies so I'm assuming ConradTM used some kind of hack to move around similar to the mapper program on the BBC Micro. This also lacked certain objects or modifications which were only placed when the player was in the locality. I have been unable to look at the full-sized verson as yet but the overall layout looks similar to the BBC Micro version but some variations are notable which are particulalry interesting to a player of the original version!

The overall layout looks similar although more natural as intended on the Amiga. Also the underground striata are done to better effect with the greater availability of colours. However, the most striking difference is at the bottom where there doesn't appear to be the intricacy in the cave system on the right hand side of the map. There is a long horizontal shaft however seeming to link the two halves of the map which were, apart from transporters, separated by a very extensive journey indeed on the BBC version. Also the maggot machine area is more closely associated with Triax's cave on the Amiga version.

Very interesting and that doesn't even take account of the different and additional inhabitants in the Amiga incaranation of the game!

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