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Inspired by reading people accounts of completing Exile, particuarly by the person who I think is the original champion, I have set up this section of the site to give mention to those who can reasonably prove to have completed Exile.

Admittedly, this may prove difficult to do but the first mention goes to a big fan of the Amiga version who was rewarded for his heroics on the BBC original.

Oliver  Pike

Oliver completed BBC Exile in 1988 and presumably by being the first person to tell Superior Software of the outcome of the game, having found the destinator, he was awarded with 150 pounds and a certificate. This is included below. So, from the Exile Tribute site, a big well done Oliver. One amusing point is that Oliver did not rescue the survivors from the Pericles leaving them at the hands of madman Triax for over a decade and counting!

T.R.  Schmidt

T.R.Schmidt who runs the Amiga Exile Ressurrection site continues to play Exile under emulation and has managed to complete the game and rescue the 2 survivors from the Pericles mission. Here is Finn (played by Mr.Schmidt) with the destinator and the 2 survivors accompanied by Chatter the robot in the second-class compartment. T.R. tells me that Triax chases after you as you fly away in the Perseus but gets burned by the engines.

Now here's a big question! The ending on the BBC when the destinator is rescued involves the Perseus escaping ina similar way to the way T.R.Schmidt describes the Amiga ending. However, I've never heard of anybody who has rescued the survivors as well as the destinator and I wonder if the BBC solution authors did this? I know one of the solutions describes the route to take them back. Does Triax chase the ship in the BBC version if you rescue survivors?...



Anyway, congratulations T.R.Schmidt.

ConradTM  (Deadly  Cookie)

ConradTM (aka Deadly Cookie) recently painstakingly mapped the 1991 'ECS' version of Exile released by Audiogenic and compiled screenshots to produce a complete map of the tunnel network of the Amiga version. Details of the map can be found on the Amiga images page and a thumbnail view of the map can be viewed here.

If you have evidence of a success in Exile, please let me know and I'd like to consider putting your name here.

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