Exile Tribute

Screenshots from the BBC Micro game

For now, here are some screenshots I've taken from the BBC B enhanced version of the game. What is not visible is the lifelike animation of all the game objects and particles and their seemingly close adherence to gravitational effects. 16-bit versions reportedly had more realistic terrain and more detailed graphics.
Finn in geostationary orbitDeep in the underground labyrinth
Finn pursued by a deadly fireball
The darkest depth of the planet of the exileFacing the two remaining survivors of the Pericles in suspended animation
In combat with the exile, TriaxAttempting to take out a lethal gun turret with the plasma gun

Screenshots from the Electron game

These screenshots are provided kindly by David Boddie who has played the Electron version extensively. Note the reduced number of colour - I find this unfortunate as one of Exile's strengths was it's clever use of colours to dither and increase realism and detail. However, it still shows surely the absolute best use of colours in an Electron game.

Differences with the BBC version include yellow for Finn without the protection suit instead of magenta and Triax is cyan instead of green. I don't know how the gravity bushes are distinguishable between themselves and the ordinary bushes in the Electron version though!

Personally, I find this fascinating having only held the BBC version in my mind for all these years.
The start of the game - in a banana suitThe part of the game even I can do.
Triax doing his infamous deedHa! Who said Triax was infallible!
The most powerful explosion in the game I believe

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I have- please let me know if you have any you would like to contribute.
N.B. they seem to cause problems displayinh the page with Fresco (for RISC OS) and may be necessary to reload to see the animation.

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