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it lives in the heads of those who played it. That's where Mike Finn is now, circling through the caverns of Pheobos, thrown around by the particle winds, spinning around in the sparkling black. That's Exile. That's freedom.• - Edge Magazine

The computer game Exile was released for the 8-bit BBC Micro in 1988. I hope to provide an interesting, enjoyable and fitting tribute to the game.

There is information on the authors, the game, the package and the various conversions which came with the game.

Also there are screenshots and some insight into the technical and other issues in the development of the game the 'story' behind the game.

I am interested in any information on the versions released for other platforms to include here. Downloads of the game are avoided here due to copyright restrictions by those involved in the various versions of Exile. Please see Exile FAQ section for further details.

The solution and map for Exile were published by Acorn Computing I believe and Acorn User as well, around 1994-1995, so distribution of this information by this site is avoided. However the text for the solution and a screenshot-compiled map can be downloaded from the web. Please see the Exile FAQ section for details.

Exile is playable under emulation (presumably for those with 5.25" disc interfaces or the 3.5" version, or disc images) on the Acorn with Warm Silence Software's !6502emulator. PC users should see The BBC Lives! site for emulation software.

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